This last week wasn’t so productive, there are some advancements but definitely less than the amount that I wanted, there is a couple of reasons for that, the most important been the fact that I don’t have an artist so I have to make all the assets myself.

The first thing I added was the fog, a simple code that make things that are far more dark than the ones that are near, (this was pretty easy to do using the alpha channel for the pixels instead of changing their rgb values):

The other thing I added was to enable the doors to have locks and the Items system (only keys for now).

I also started making a new building with new textures (64×64 instead of the current 32×32) just to acclimate the engine to look more like the game it’s supposed to be (I’ll publish more info on this later) and to test other memory related things., I still need to work on things like chests and more Items, also special items that can modify walls (for animations or switches). And then I hope, get start with the AI.

It’s been a week since I last updated about this project, I fixed some bugs, changed the way I plotted the color data into memory and also I started with the development of the instances of the game and the actions they can have.

The first problem I had a week ago was the door casting, I was having a problem with the depth buffer which causes that the door blend with the wall, the problem was very simple I was storing the data of the depth buffer in a Int array instead of a float array, causing that the decimals of the distance got lost and causing the problem.

Now the doors works perfectly and can be opened and closed:

The next change I did was to allow the billboards (Non special objects) to have animations:

The other important change would be allowed to see the enemies from different perspectives:

And finally, the last change was to allow to the billboards to have some actions (there are few possible actions for now):

Thats all for now, there are more changes coming this week, items and actions related changes, and if everything goes well then I will start to work on the enemies AI.

Last week I started working on a new game engine programmed on HTML5, its a pseudo-3D raycaster Engine that hopefully will end in the development of two games (pending to reveal).

This is about the fifth time I write a raycast engine, (attempts 1-3 failed because of bad performance of the code) the fourth is working on another game (still on development) that I will write about soon.

All this failures (among many others) taught me certain things about the importance of the memory management and the clean and short code, the result is a smoother engine that runs up to 60 fps on a modern browser. There is still a lot of work to do before getting into the real game development with this engine but I have a decent progress with this engine in just a week.

All the wall and basic billboard textures are images of 32×32 pixels in order to give the engine a retro look, but the textures can be any size, for example: the enemy’s sprite is 64×64 pixels.

The last thing I implemented was the door casting which I’ve never done this way before, I still have some issues with the depth buffer and other things but the doors are working pretty fine so far (They can’t be opened though).

That’s all for now, I’ll try to post news of this engine once per week with the new advancements that I add.

Hi there!

I decided to start this new blog to become more like my personal web, I’ll post (hopefully) here about my games development and other things that I like such as pixelart and game music composition.

Anyway, let see if this goes somewhere.