SAN3DE – Entry 4

The project is going a bit slow lately because of different reasons (I need art, I recently changed job, I have other projects, etc…), I probably won’t update it so often until I solve the issue with the art direction, up until now I’ve been doing the whole art, but there is no way I can handle the full art of the game and the programming of it.

Anyway, problems aside, here are the last changes I added:

I started making a new texture package and a new game building, nothing to special, just to try to adjust the game to the ambiance that I am trying to create:

I also added some new objects and effects, for example walls that can be interacted (and change texture) mostly for manipulate the scenario (open doors).

As a part of the new objects and effects that I added, there are now chests:

The engine is ready to work with sprites of 8 directions to make the game feel like Wolfenstein, but until I find someone to do the art I will make the characters in one direction (looking to the player)

That would be everything for now, I also started another mini project which I hope I can publish more about it very soon.

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