SAN3DE – Entry 5

The project is starting to move on, last week we made public the first project that will use this engine: Britannian Underworlds, we are looking for people to join this project, you can find more info here:

There are a couple of changes that I did this week on the engine, the first one and probably most big was the inclusion of the floorcasting, so now the levels can have a floor and a ceil:

There is also the option to include different floors and ceilings:

The other big change that I include was angled walls, although they can only be 45 degrees, there are a couple of graphical glitches with it but they are working pretty fine now:

You can try the live demo now, it works better with Firefox since Chrome won’t use the nearest pixel algorithm for scaling the game:

Try live demo

That would be all for now, remember to follow the blog of Slash to get more info on this project.

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