I’ve been really busy since my last update doing things for work and other projects but this game is still my major focus, the advancement is still slow because of the lack of an artist, but we have some advancements with the musicians and the design ideas for mechanics.

I implemented the interface (which is still just a placeholder) to the new WebGL game, I added the angled walls and finished their collisions, added the new doors (which works as 3D objects (we’re thinking on implementing other kind of objects later)) and also I added the billboards to the game I still need to add the enemies, items and the spritefont system to reach the level of my previous engine, I will (hopefully) work on it this week:

You can try the current version (has the samples themes from Catarelli) in the next url:

It’s been a while since I updated about this project and the reason for that is that we’ve been discussing about the design direction that the project should take. That’s because we haven’t been able to find a pixel artist to join the project.

I’ve been working on the raycasting engine adding more stuffs and correcting more bugs, and while the game runs in a very smooth speed I feel like we are working on its limit, not only that, but in some computers the game runs below the 30 fps.

Also, discussing with our level designer I came to the conclusion that there were more interesting things that I wanted to add (like different heights) and if I code that into the raycast engine than the project would start to crash, so taking this as a excuse (and the fact that most of the work is done in the rendering code rather than the game logic code) I decided to rebuild the project using WebGL.

these screenshots are the work of just 2 days (WebGL really makes things a lot easier) and most of the work again is done in the rendering part, so it will change during the execution of the project:

And about the SAN3DE project I will use it hopefully to develop a more simple game (like an action roguelike or something like that) probably in 2015.