It’s been almost two months since my last update, I am still working on this project, but the progress is been a bit slow due to personal reasons, however I will return full time on December once I finish the rest of issues I have right now…

I added the sprite font system so I could display messages in the console and started to implement the actions the billboards used to have in the raycasting engine, they can have animations and can have different kind of actions after the player press enter or click on them:

There are also switches now that allow to open doors that are blocked and objects like keys that you can pick up:

And finally there is a very simple instance of enemy which for now only displays a animation of moving.

On the graphics direction, we are doing some quotations in order to hire an artist to build the whole art, we are also discussing about what tools to use (like tiled or sketchup) to create the maps for the game and trying to make it easy for the users that want to create content.

you can try the current version as always in the next url: