It’s time for a new update, I’ve been really busy this November doing many different projects that made me put this as a side one, but it’s finally over I’m back to the project.

So what’s new in this project?, we are making some progress on the design part, Orlando which is doing the part of level designer created a sketch for the first map of the level but since it was on sketchup I wasn’t able to port it without creating so much problems, so I decided to port it to Tiled and then load it into the game:

And this is the result in the game engine (I still have pending to populate it with items and stuffs):

I also did a lot of work in the rendering part so the game should run faster now:

The other change I did was the inclussion of slopes and different ceiling heights for one map:

That would be all for now, I have a lot of plans for features to include to the engine and I will try to be really productive this December with this changes, you can check the new versión in the link below: