Happy new year 2015!!

The year is off and the project is taking more time that I would like, we are still pending on receiving some drafts and first sprites for the enemies so that we can make a good version before launching a campaign on it.

I didn’t work as much as I wanted on December, the reason was the start of a new project (news on it later) and the fact that I also started to learn some 3D modeling. Anyway, this is what I got so far in the new version (It isn’t online yet):

So, the first thing is a debug console to aid my development, since I don’t have a map editor (and it can be really painful to set some details on Tiled) I decided to create a tool that allows me to modify the structure of a map and add new things in real time:

The next thing was the inclusion of a lifter type object, it will probably going to work most of the times by activating switches, but for now it’s just when you are next to it:

And the final thing is the support for 3D objects, for those details that just can’t be in a 2D sprite or painted on the wall:

That would be all for now.