Demake Jam – Devlog 2

Working on the Demake Jam. It’s been a slow weekend for this project, I really need to stop doing things so complicated for jams. All things cosidered it is finally taking shape.

I spent so much time doing lots of preparations for the engine itself, so there is not much visual stuffs going on yet. The most important features I have are:

  • Most of the engine stuffs such as collision, data manager, etc.
  • Create characters with different clothing support.
  • Loading the levels data.
  • Characters data with health, clothes and weapons.
  • Use weapons (Knife for now).
  • Kill characters.
Demake Jam: Selecting a weapon and attacking an NPC
Killing an NPC

There is still of course so many features that I have to do. This are my priorities for the next couple of days.

  • Dragging bodies.
  • Add weapons: Pistol and Sniper rifle
  • AI: Follow a path.
  • Draw the rest of the level 1 and populate it with the characters.

After this I can start working on the scripting for the level itself to create the objectives.

I’m optimistic with the time, even though I have less than a week now. I hope I can deliver at least the first level of the game.

That would be all for now, I’m not sure if I’ll do any tutorial this week, because I want to focus on this jam. But after that they will return to a normal schedule.

Thanks for stopping by.

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