I’ve been busy the last couple of months: learning a bit of pixelart and story writting and most recently I started to research about voxels and decided to give it a try by myself:

I’m coding it in JavaScript using WebGL, it is more limited that if I just do it on a native environment but I want to see how far can I take this on the web, I’ve seen projects like voxel js that have done a pretty good job usign threeJS.

For now there is no much to see, I’ve been working on this for a couple of weeks now laying down all the basic structures, chunk management an geometry reconstruction:

I’m not targeting to do a game with this but I do want to publish it later as a library along with several examples that I will be developing during the development time; I’ve already have an example of several voxels (around 2M) and it worked fine but it still needs optimization in order to run properly:

That would be all for now at least on this topic of voxels.

This year is going pretty fast, its been a long time since my last post for the 7DRL game. I’ve been busy working on different personal projects during the last 4 months but there is nothing really to show, here is what I’ve been to:

Perhaps the biggest project I’ve spend time is on learning graphics programming and developing a new WebGL library, it is going pretty well but it is a really big project so there is still a lot to do, I will try to upload demos in the next months while I work with it:

I’m also learning to work on the unreal engine, I like it a lot but I don’t think that I will develop a project any time soon:

And finally, I decided to retake the development on Lune, I was developing this project along with Slash but we kind of dropped it after the contest for the 7DRL challenge, anyway, since he is busy working on Ananias, I will work on it for now:

That would be all for now, greetings.

I though of making an update of the current status of my projects, lets start:

Britannian Underworld

The project now is on hold, I haven’t worked on it for about a month, the main reason is the art direction: drawing and animating sprites to have to look that we desire is not easy, we are planning on doing a funding campaign, but with our other projects this is something that will come later.


Aside from Underworld, I started to work along with Slash and Oryx on a new game: Lune, a simple fun RPG with procedural elements.

The look and feel of the project its like an old LCD screen with a resolution of 80*58 pixels:

You can find more info in Slash’s Blog: http://blog.slashie.net/

3D Animations in Game Maker

Game Maker is a powerful tool to develop games in multiplatforms, it is focused primarily on 2D games but it also has a very basic support for 3D, before Unity and the other 3D engines became popular and accessible for indie and solo devs, there were some people (myself included) who tried to create games in 3D using Game Maker, but one of the biggest problems was that Game Maker doesn’t have any kind of support for 3D animation.

With the launch of Game Maker Studio, new options were open for 3D development (still not the best option for 3D dev) one of them being the option to create custom shaders, I decided to try again to make a 3D animation with game maker and started to work on a per-vertex animation system:

This project is almost done (Its just the scripts for animations and not a game itself) I should make a release very soon if everything goes fine.


Finally, I started a new project: its an RPG with roguelikes elements like the permadeath and procedural content, I will post more about later when the project reaches a better shape.

That would be everything for now.


Hi there!

I decided to start this new blog to become more like my personal web, I’ll post (hopefully) here about my games development and other things that I like such as pixelart and game music composition.

Anyway, let see if this goes somewhere.