It’s been a while since I posted anything to this blog. Here I am trying to revive it again.

This time, I do have some good news, Last month I participated in the July VIP Teach Challenge Hosted over skillshare. skillshare it’s a great platform for everyone to talk about any little skill that they may have. Some people take it to the extreme and do really professional courses over there.

I’ve been doing videotutorials for game development using Game Maker for over seven years now, mostly over youtube and in spanish. This experience of doing a course over a topic that is not my main strength and also in another language really proved to be quite the challenge.

My first course over Skillshare

I chose to teach about pixelart this time. I haven’t been doing it as much as game programming but I’ve been improving quite a bit in the last year, so I felt like I should share some of my experience.

All the styles and used for the course

The whole course is developed using aseprite and a graphics display tablet (although a mouse is also a valid tool). The main idea is to draw an original character using 5 different styles: 4 from other videogames, I chose: Sonic, Metal Slug, Pokemon and Blasphemous. The final one is a drawing using our own style applying what we have learned over the rest of the course.

After this, we draw them again in different poses. I chose a site called quickposes to select some interesting pictures from people to use as a reference.

Drawing my original character in the metal slug style 

I will continue to release new courses, mainly in pixelart but I’m pretty sure that I will switch to teach game programming at some point as well.

If you are interested in learning how to do pixelart, you can check my course over skillshare and also get a 2 month free trial for this or any other course over the platform using this referal code.

Thanks for stopping and I’ll see you next time.