I’ve been following this new dawn of VR since John Carmack started working on Doom 3 VR with Oculus but I never really saw VR as a gaming platform mainly because of the control schema, several companies started creating some peripherals to create some extra degree of inmersion but I never liked this so much because you’ll have to buy a ton of stuff that are not guarantee to work with all the VR games.

I always saw VR as a platform for experiences, like watching a movie or visiting a place or even for social share, but with that said I never truly tested VR until recently.

I got my hands on a really cheap VR headset for mobile (just 2 lenses on a plastic case) and tried some mobile games, while most of them weren’t any interesting I did see some potential for this platform and this kind of games, and after watching some youtubers play some games I found some issues with how this games are presented to people.

So I decided to give it a try:

Although I’m building it specifically for VR, I’m also adding multiple options like playing the game with or without a gamepad, in VR or not and if you are not playing in VR then you can also play with touch controls as in any other first person mobile game, the most difficult thing right now is trying to balance the game through the multiple type of input but I think it can be achieved.

There is no much to say about the game right now, I’m still dancing around some concepts for games that I have, there are several challenges in this project since this is not only my first VR game but also my first game made in Unity but so far is been a nice ride.